This clinic operates by E'Lavine Microblading LLC as a seperate entity from BlueBell Salon & Spa

Microblading is a manual permanent make up tattooing method designed to create a more natural, semi-permanent result using very fine strokes, sterile tools and a 100% disposable blade. The blade deposit pigments into the epidermis layer of skin. Organic plant base pigments available with additional charge.

Sample Work

Sample Work

Shey - Advanced Permanent Make up Artist & Instructor

Shey, the owner of E'Lavine Microblading, holds an international certificate in semi permanent makeup; she also has a pro-certification from a top tier academy in microblading technology in Washington DC. She further earned her advanced certificate of micro-blading at the World Micro-blading by Irna Chen, a famous artist of natural permanent makeup. Shey loves the idea of modern permanent makeup compared to old forms of permanent makeup and became a talented expert in the field of microblading. Her strong artistic background and talents enhances her ability to transform the client with microblading techniques. She is able to use her artistic eye to custom color makeup bringing out the client's unique natural beauty.


Further, Shey has also been certified by Mario Dedivanovic, a celebrity makeup artist to Kim Kardashian and other famous celebrities, who has transformed the world of makeup by giving us the controlling trend. She strictly adheres to the OSHA standards and has up-to-date certification in Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid and CPR. Further, she only uses cosmetic pigments from manufacturers endorse by the Societ of Permanent Cosmetic Progressionals and always uses new and individually packaged steroid needles.